Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Murphy's Laws of Parenting

1.   The baby will wake up the second the food is served.

2.   Your child will pee in his pants the one and only day you
      forget to bring a change of clothes.

3.   Illness will hit on the first day of vacation. 

4.   Your child will choose the day your
      mother-in-law comes to visit as the 
      day she decides to go all Picasso on 
      the living room wall. 

5.   Whatever it is, it’s just a phase. (Of 
      course, after this phase comes. . . 
      another phase.) 

6.   The doorbell will ring if, and only if, 
      the baby just fell asleep.

7.   The most expensive toy will be the most ignored. 

8.   In the time it takes you to clean any given area in your house, 
      your child can destroy a space three times that size in another room. 

9.   The best way to get a baby to have a giant poop is to give her a 
      bath and dress her in her cutest outfit. 

10.  As soon as you have things figured out, they change.

What wonderful truths have you discovered about parenting? Share in the comments!


  1. Oh man, these are all so true! I'll add one--if there is a hose nearby, your kids will flood something.

    Angela @ The Bookshelf Muse

  2. Ah yes, never trust a child with a hose. We learned that lesson a few times this summer. =)

    And THANK YOU for stopping by. Your blog is incredible! *blinks shyly*

  3. If you put your cell phone on silent when the baby starts to get sleepy, no one will call. Ever. Not a single soul. However, if you forget, suddenly you're Ms. Popularity and the ringer will sound just as baby's eyes are blinking their last little blinks of consciousness.