Thursday, May 5, 2011

You Can Thank Me Later

Need a last minute Mother's Day gift? OK, well this one isn't really appropriate for your own mother, but it's great for a sister or friend who has recently welcomed a new baby. 

It's....(drumroll)...."Porn For New Moms." Don't worry, it's all very G rated. It basically has pics of hot guys with funny sayings. Check it out:

Damn! You look hot in those sweatpants!


...and in just eight more hours, we can wake up mommy!

And my personal favorite

Sure your girlfriends can drop their babies off here while you girls go to the bar. The more the merrier.

Ha ha! This would also make a great baby shower gift (for a mom who already has everything she really needs) or a stocking stuffer. (By the way, thanks to my sister C for giving me this book!)

IMPORTANT: Dads, this is NOT an acceptable book to give to your wives for Mother's Day unless you plan to personally act out all of the photographs and follow through on the sayings. And sure, pancakes in bed with the kids crawling all over mom are fine, but they must be accompanied by a big fat gift certificate for a spa day. Make that a spa weekend. And yes, you are responsible for finding the babysitter.

For everyone else, you can buy it wherever fine books are sold - "Porn for New Moms," 2008, Chronicle Books.

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